nisi-tenebrae whispered:
"What do you see in Mustang? I don't get why you would like someone like that."


۞ —

Ed was caught off guard by Envy’s sudden outburst and he looked over at the homunculus. "You don’t know Mustang at all. He’s not as much of an ass as you think…"

The sin tried to find a way to answer Ed, a way that didn’t give away too much. He could trust him though, saying a few things shouldn’t hurt. “I want to believe you….I really do….but I can’t help how I feel. Roy might not be an ass to you..but he has done some things to a friend of mine who happens to be just like me. She wasn’t hurting anyone, rather it was the opposite. He may be nice around you, but to me and chimera who aren’t all bad he isn’t.” The sins tone was oddly calm given the situation, though he would be lying if he said he wasn’t just a bit jealous of the attention that Roy was getting.


remember when teen titans had that really powerful arc about rejecting abusive family and that surrounding yourself with good people who make you happy is the most important thing and no one should force you to do anything you don’t want to do and sometimes friends are better family than the people who you’re actually related to




remember that



jean has special horse calls 



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Levi to a new level

Went to six flags the other day, tried to do a Durr! cosplay with the bae. It worked……for a while……then the wig issue came up. Stripped down still ahd the coat on and slicked my hair back. One ride later I turn into Levi. Few hours pass, I’m eyeing my brothers Survey jacket. I ask “Want to switch out coats?” Noticing the look on his face I then tempt him with “You know you want someone to call me Levi” Switch happens we go to KIng da Ka. Long ass line, need entertainment. I pull out my phone, Skrillex hour mix, entertainment. Some guys ahead of us on the other side of the gate, turn to us and say “Captain Levi.”



Not even full cosplay and it happened.


Rejected Recon Corps/Scouting Legion Fundraising Idea #6.

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Young centaur getting used tries to get used to to a saddle bawawa

They have no names or anything I just baww this is a nice thing

What does he see in him

"I really don’t get it? Who would like someone like Mustang? He hates anything that isn’t human, if its different he wants it dead. could you ever love something like that! Be better off if he was dead…or away from Ed…"

why do I get this feeling that tumblr is eating my asks?

I’ve sent at least ten asks to people and see nothing..some of these were a few days ago…………………………..tumblr is being a little shit to me knowing I’m a little shit.


Hiccup and Astrid with their dragons, relaxing while on an adventure or something.