Demons Heart.

This short, almost wordless comic goes into the head canon for my Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra, the bat with no heart, is avoided by others. He stays alone and when he comes out others worry. Aizen, leader of the dark woods gives him the task to care for this orange cat, Orihime, with innocent eyes.

She looks upon him in fear then wonder, and even touches the empty spot on his chest. From that one touch, the bat felt something inside of him open up.

After some time this heartless bat grew to care for the cat, even bringing her things she would eat and not force her to eat things she didn’t like.

The day came that the cat’s close friend, a proud light orange wolf came to her aid. He was there to help her, the bat didn’t like this one bit. He was not about to give up what was his.

The two clashed. Baring fangs at one another. When the bat was wounded he was left there to die. Crying out for someone to help his out, but no one came to his aid.

Waking from what he thought was his death, the bat found himself in the presence of the odd yet beautiful bird Szayel. Shocked he tries to flee but was still hurt from that fight from some time ago. Before he could leave, the bird touches the bats empty heart and it’s white light is filled with a warm red one. Thankful for the help the bat stays with the bird for a very, very long time. So long that the bat becomes mother to the birds children.

As the bird hunted for his needy bat he hears his mates cry and rushes back to him. The bird comes back to the nest to find two young lings, healthy and safe under the bats wing.

Over joyed the proud bird fluffed up his feathers, and nuzzled his little bat, tired from what he went through.

Some more time goes by and the little ones eyes are opened. One shares both parents eyes looking even more stunning, yet both are beautiful. Hearing a noise from bellow the bat’s ears perk up. It was the cat from so long ago. Shocked he swoops down to her.

Just as shocked the cat stands still, not knowing what to do. Before she could call for help the bat leans down and whispers words of thanks in her ear. After thanking her the bat flys off with his lover and children. If it weren’t for the cat, his heart would have remained empty and he would not have the life he had today.